Cardboard Recycling & Disposal

Cardboard box recycling at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana, includes items such as moving boxes, shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard, and clean food containers like pizza boxes. We accept all cardboard boxes for processing, even if they have tape, staples, or labels on them.

Cardboard recycling and disposal for businesses and individuals is one of many ways to help the environment. When you choose to recycle cardboard, it reduces the amount of material that ends up in landfills through responsible recycling practices.
Cardboard recycling makes sense when we consider how much cardboard is around us daily. We find it extensively in individual items we purchase that are packaged and protected by cardboard during shipment.
Homes and businesses alike regularly receive larger cardboard boxes containing these items through deliveries such as Amazon shipping boxes. Many companies now offer shipping in both large and small quantities to their customers as a convenience, increasing the amount of recyclable cardboard in our communities.  
Cardboard box processing for recycling at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana, includes items such as moving boxes, shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard, and even clean food containers like pizza boxes. We can accept all cardboard boxes for processing at our facility, even if they have tape, staples, or labels on them.

Is it Worthwhile to Recycle Cardboard?   

Cardboard to be RecycledTri-Power Recycling programs are based on a commitment to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.
There is no charge to businesses or individuals to drop off recyclable items. In fact, businesses may be paid for their recyclable items. Cardboard recycling at our facility includes cardboard that is loose or baled.
Did you know that recent estimates show we only recycle about half of what could be recycled in America? We’re committed to helping businesses and individuals find practical and easy solutions to reduce their contributions to landfills.

What Happens to Recycled Cardboard?

Cardboard Boxes Made From Recycled CardboardCardboard recycling items we receive are baled and sent to paper mills. These mills process cardboard and paper items to make them into new cardboard boxes. This reduces the amount of material sent to landfills and provides useful new products for individuals and companies across the US.
Individuals can choose us as their local cardboard recycling center and bring cardboard to our cardboard recycling bins. Keep us in mind during the holidays or when you want to recycle moving boxes during your next move.
Cardboard dumpsters, such as our Mesh Cubes, can be added to business locations for carboard recycling pickup service. Baled or loose cardboard may be worth money to your business based on current market values.
Please remember the packaging peanuts that may be inside your cardboard shipping boxes are not recyclable items we accept at our facility.

Commercial Cardboard Collection Services

Tri-Power Recycling offers customized commercial collection services for cardboard boxes. We have multiple options that include pickup from your facility, a recycling audit to determine if you need new solutions for waste management, drop off of Mesh Cubes for your location, and rent/purchase options for balers.
If you are a commercial business baling your cardboard recyclables onsite, we can pick up your baled materials. We collect small quantities and truckload amounts and will create a schedule based on how often you need baled cardboard picked up.
Baled cardboard loading options include:
  • Truckload quantities of cardboard: We provide live-load service in our van or flatbed, or we can place a trailer at your facility to load at your convenience.
  • Smaller quantities of cardboard: This is ideal for small businesses with ground-level or dock-level pickup. We require a minimum of five bales per scheduled pickup.
Semi Truckload of Baled Cardboard for Recycling

Commercial Cardboard Collection Options

Cardboard Recycling in Mesh Cubes Other cardboard collection options for cardboard recycling include:
  • Our Mesh Cubes
  • Semi-van trailers (live-load or staged)
  • Open-top roll-off containers
  • Stationary compactor machines
  • Balers, both horizontal and vertical
We have a fleet of tractors, trailers, and containers for the collection and transport of your recyclables to our facility for processing.
Our metal Mesh Cubes are ideal for collecting and storing recyclables at your facility. They help reduce the possibility of contamination and allow you to easily see the contents inside. The Mesh Cubes have forklift pockets so they can be easily moved and placed inside or outside your facility.

Cardboard Recycling Equipment Sales

Tri-Power Recycling can provide you with expert advice on the right type of equipment for your recycling needs. From balers to compactors, the equipment is available through lease, lease-to-purchase, or purchase arrangements. Call or email us to discuss the proper recycling equipment for your business.

Recycling AuditRecycling Audit Assistance

Do you need help determining whether your current waste management program needs improvement? We can review your recycling needs and provide concrete solutions to improve efficiency with a recycling audit. We will evaluate the type and amount of recyclable material you have, consider your space constraints, and calculate your equipment needs to create a collection schedule customized for you.

We have over eight decades of combined experience and numerous relationships across the globe that allow us to provide your business with efficient and economical waste stream management.

Ready to Recycle For Good

Tri-Power Recycling wants to help you reduce your impact on landfills through recycling.

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