Tri-Power offers a variety of collection services for businesses depending on the material, amount of material, space constraints, and frequency of service needed. Because we recycle a variety of recyclables, including fiber products, plastics and wood wastes, it may be advantageous for you to combine these recyclables for collection. Equipment can be live-loaded or staged for your convenience.


  • MESH CUBE SERVICE: Our mesh cubes are ideal for the containment of your recyclables. They have fork pockets on them enabling you to place them strategically in the location that makes the most sense. The mesh cubes work great to minimize contamination since you can easily see the contents of the cube. They have a door for front loading or they can be loaded over the top.
  • OPEN-TOP ROLL-OFF SERVICE:  Open top roll-off containers can be placed for collection of your recyclables.  They are available in sizes from 20-50 cubic yard capacity.

  • ROLL-OFF COMPACTOR/CONTAINER SERVICE:  Compactor/container service is ideal for large generators.  They typically provide a minimum four to one compaction ratio.

  • TRAILER STORAGE:  Tri-Power provides traditional van trailers for storage that can be switched out when full or live-loaded at your convenience.  In addition, we provide stationary storage containers that we service on an as needed basis.
  • BALE PICK-UP:  Depending on your desired frequency, Tri-Power can arrange for pickup of your baled materials.
    • LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD QUANTITIES:  Designed for ground-level or dock-level pickup with a minimum of five bales per pickup.
    • TRUCKLOAD QUANTITIES:  We can provide live-load service into our van or flatbed, or we can arrange to stage a trailer at your facility to load at your convenience.


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