Tri-Power Recycling is a family owned and operated recycling company in the heart of the Midwest. With decades of experience and countless relationships across the globe, our business can provide efficient and economical waste stream management for your company.




Tri-Power Recycling offers a variety of collection services for businesses, depending on the material, amount of material, space constraints, and frequency of service needed.


Tri-Power Recycling represents one of the largest Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) recycling services in the country.


Tri-Power Recycling has a variety of service options to process various types of fiber products including cardboard, paper, cores, books, and other related fibers


With over 80 years’ combined experience in the recycling industry, we can provide you with advice on the type of equipment that best suits your individual and commercial recycling needs.


Where does the name Tri-Power come from?

The three cornerstones of the recycling movement and our programs are based on the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Secondly and more importantly, the owners three sons (Junior, Luke, and Thor) are an integral part of the day to day operations.

Do you recycle “foam peanuts” used for packaging?

No, we cannot accept packaging “peanuts”. This is primarily due to the fact that many of the foam peanuts are not made from 100% EPS —they typically have a high percentage of wheat and or corn starch making them biodegradable and compostable. To avoid the peanuts ending up in the landfill, you should consider taking them to your local mail and packaging store for reuse, typically without charge.

Will you take any amount of material?

Yes! Anything from a grocery bag full of material to a semi-trailer full of material. Our operations have an endless appetite for your EPS foam and paper.

Can I drop off my recycling at Tri-Power?

Yes, we want your clean EPS (Styrofoam) and cardboard since we can avoid those materials ending up in the landfill. EPS/Styrofoam is the white foam material commonly used to protect TVs, consumer electronics, small appliances, and other fragile items during shipment. Collection containers are conveniently located at all our facilities and are accessible during normal business hours.

Acceptance Policy: We will accept passenger vehicle amounts of clean household EPS (plastics code #6) that is not contaminated with other materials or waste (such as food, metal, dirt, or other plastics) and cardboard. It will be accepted loose in bags, cardboard boxes, or any other manner that effectively contains the material for ease of loading or unloading. We cannot accept wet, dirty, or painted EPS and EPS that is glued to corrugated cardboard or wood. Please remove all tape or bar code stickers from the EPS. There is no charge to drop off passenger vehicle amounts of EPS or cardboard.

Do you recycle food service foam containers?

Yes, we can take your food service containers. Please note that they MUST be clean and free of any food or beverage residue.

Can you pick up multiple materials at the same time?

Yes we can. Because our facility handles paper fiber, plastics, EPS foam, and wood at the same location we can pick-up all of your recyclables.



It takes less energy to create new items from recycled materials than it does to create new products from raw materials.


The recycling process creates far more jobs than a landfill does. On a per ton basis, sorting and processing recyclables alone sustains 10 times more jobs than landfilling or incineration.


Recycling is often the least expensive waste management method. Many of our programs enable you to generate revenue for something that you would otherwise be throwing away.


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